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My name is Bianca Strul. Once upon a time in NYC, I was a young, cocksure field producer for CBS News Sunday Morning, where I produced segments and feature magazine pieces whilst pissing off people older and far more experienced than I am (granted, usually men) with my unmitigated moxie. I have always been good at multitasking …

After years of frightfully casual dating and working neverending weekends (My Saturday nights tended to climax in the 6am Sunday morning consumption of leftover spare ribs from the conference-room dinner the night before), came part Deux of my life: marriage, beautiful babies, a dash of postpartum depression, (lacking) lactation, procrastination, a postpartum-induced attempt to launch a reality show, and untimely napping as a result.

This led to more procrastination, a few “compromise” jobs (with far better hours and far less excitement than news) that I thought would let me have it all (he he), but really just upped my guilty-anxiety and killed my mojo at both work and home. And then came the horror-show of kindergarten applications, more coping-napping and an overwhelming need to redecorate.

My husband Ben noted a disturbing dichotomy: I was either a whirling dervish or fast asleep. He described this modus operandi as 180 mph or Sleeping, thus the title of this blog.

Now that the diapers are off, so are the gloves: Herein lie my irreverant but earnest opinions on culture, politics and parenting. They are meant for people, parents and parents-who-are-still-people (Note: If you want 101 ways to repurpose a cereal box, or, gasp, “lifestyle” advice, kindly seek and hopefully find elsewhere — and then feel free to help me out).

Turns out, the worlds of news and children have a lot in common: You don’t sleep, don’t hear “thank you” very often, and opinions are like assholes … I hope you enjoy reading my versions of the former (but feel free to stay if you are more into the latter). You can also catch me on…

because that’s what my daughter calls me.

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